Friday, September 26, 2008


My sister-in-laws, my mom, and I got together yesterday afternoon to can pizza/tomato sauce using the tomatoes from Katy's garden. I helped out by chopping up the hot peppers. While I was chopping, they asked me if my hands were burning at all because normally theirs do if they didn't wear gloves. I told them that my hands didn't burn at all and that I had never heard of such a silly thing. Well...around 7:00pm last night (about 5 hours after I chopped the peppers), my hands started to feel a burning sensation. It kept getting bad that I couldn't even take them out of cold water for a minute. It felt like I stuck my hands in a firepit! I tried all of the solutions listed on the internet that I could think of (apparently this is a frequent problem with peppers), but nothing worked. I finally tried to go to sleep on the couch (so I wouldn't bug Jer) with 2 bags of ice, one in each hand. Needless to say, it was a painful and sleepless night. They finally stopped burning around 4am. I wished I wasn't pregnant so that I could take some sort of medicine to knock myself out with. Oh well, I am feeling much better today. I just thought I would warn everyone....wear gloves!!! And Katy, Amber, and time around, someone else chops peppers!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


We had a laid back and busy weekend at the same time (if that makes any sense). I'll try to fill ya in...

Jer and I are continuing to be youth group leaders at our church, so on Friday night we had our Fall Kick-Off. We attended the Zeeland/Hamilton Football game as a youth group to cheer on some of our members. After that, everyone was invited to our house for food and games. Don't worry, we only have about 9 members in our group. On Sunday evening, we had our first youth group lesson. We started out by making our teens brush their teeth with Crisco...which led into our lesson on Mercy. I really wish I had remembered my camera!!

Also on Sunday, we attended an open house for my cousin, Haley Frego. She is leaving on Friday for Macedonia with the Peace Corps. We wish her well and are sending lots of prayers her way.

That was the busy part of our weekend. We actually had a pretty laid back day on Saturday afternoon. We spent some time just enjoying the wonderful weather and playing with Jordyn.

Here are some random pictures from the weekend:

We discovered that Jorydn really enjoys bubbles, but only if she can do it herself.

Jer finally hung up Jordyn's swing, which was a birthday present from Grandpa & Grandma Kraker
She liked the swing, but would not let go of the bubbles!

She also had a wonderful time in her new playhouse (it's a mess, but for $5.00 I couldn't go wrong)

After that, it was time for a shower (not a bath...see previous blog)

She just cracks me up everyday!!!

I also started my 3rd trimester this past week, so here is a look at my belly :-)

Loft update...we have a closet and built-in dressers!! We still have a ways to go, but it is getting there!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tubby Time

Jordyn recently decided she no longer likes bath time. She used to LOVE to play in the tub and did not care at all when we dumped water over her head or anything. She recently decided she hates any water being dumped on her and absolutely does not want to sit down in the tub (it's much more fun to get in and out). Since then, she has been taking "big girl" showers and walks back and forth under the shower head instead of sitting in her bathtub. I'm not sure what the difference is, but that water is okay to hit her head.

Much to my surprise, Jordyn must have decided that she missed her bathtub because when I told her it was "tubby time" this weekend, she decided to get the bathtub ready all by herself!

It didn't last though....she still ended up taking a shower after about 2 minutes of tubby time! Oh well!

Monday, September 8, 2008


So after 2 years of being on the market, we finally decided to take the House For Sale sign down. I am actually quite more cleaning!!! We decided to take the house off the market for now because Jer will be out of town on and off (more on than off) for the month of October & November, we are remodeling the loft so the whole house somehow is a complete mess, and being that I am due in December, I won't have a lot of time to keep up on housework and Christmas parties much less have house showings. I wish it would have sold, but I was so sick of having it on the market. We will try again next spring.
In the meantime, here are some pictures of the remodeling we have been doing:
We connected the dormers on the front of the house so that we could stand up in our loft. Jer and I will be moving our bedroom to the loft, Jordyn's bedroom to our current room, and the baby to Jordyn's nursery...which we will not be leaving pink!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


A LONG WEEKEND....HOORAY!! I have been extremely excited for this holiday weekend and being able to spend some time with Jer. He has been working A LOT of overtime lately. We didn't do anything exciting for the weekend...just spend some time together and worked on our loft / soon-to-be bedroom...but an uneventful weekend is just what we wanted!
We ended up watching Ellie for Chad and Amber for the weekend. Jordyn had a great time playing fetch with Ellie and her squirrel. She would hold the squirrel up and wait for Ellie to grab it. After Ellie grabbed it Jordyn would squeal with delight and clap her hands. Ellie of course was sick of it by the time I thought to get a video.

Jordyn also got to play with her buddy, Lukas, on Saturday morning. Lukas' dad, Jacob, came over to help Jer with some electrical stuff in the loft. They had fun talking to eachother on the phone!

Since it was so hot, we decided to take a break from remodeling on Sunday afternoon. We headed to Chad and Amber's pool for the afternoon and just relaxed and swam with Andrew and Tiffany.

Like I said, it wasn't an eventful or exciting weekend, but it was exactly what Jer and I wanted!!