Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend at Silver Lake

We spent Memorial Day weekend at Silver Lake with our family. We had such a good time just being with family and enjoying the beautiful weather!

The guys spent a lot of time fishing
Jordyn enjoyed the sand!
She wasn't thrilled for the boat ride at first but ended up liking it.
Feeding the fish with dad
Jace sporting his new life jacket.
The sun and all the action wore Jace out. He slept most of the time
There wasn't a lot of sleeping room so he did some of his sleeping in the shower!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


She might get her good looks from her daddy, but she gets this from me (not sure if I should be proud of that or not!)

Jordyn "helps" fold the laundry and even sets it nicely on my pile when she is done!

She also loves "keening" (cleaning) her chairs with the water bottle.
This actually keeps her busy for very long period of time~

Monday, May 18, 2009

1st Visit to the Dentist

Jordyn had her 1st dentist visit today. I made an appt for her because her left lateral incisor (one of the teeth next to her front 2 teeth) never came in. She has had her front teeth since 6 months and her right top lateral since 9 months. She also has most of her other teeth. The dentist wanted to get an x-ray to see if her baby tooth had not developed & to see if an adult tooth was developed. I almost cancelled the appointment thinking there is no way they are going to get an x-ray. She won't even let me help her brush her teeth!
I decided to give it a try. Jordyn did very good at first. She sat in my lap on the chair and proudly held her new tootbrush and stickers. The dental assistant got to look at her teeth while Jordyn showed off how she says "Ahhhh" and "Eeeee". We practiced before we went in :-). However, Jordyn got very upset when they put the "blanket" on her for the x-ray, and even more upset when they tried sticking the paper stuff (whatever it is) in her mouth for the x-ray. We tried about 3 times and failed. They asked if I wanted to give up or try again. I said I would try to calm her and then we could try one more time.
I got her calm by playing "circle, circle,, dot dot" on her back. She allowed me to continue tickling her back while the assistant's got an x-ray!!! Jordyn was so proud of herself and I am so proud of her too!!
Turns out that her baby tooth is up there and developed fine. It is slanted just the slightest bit which is maybe causing it to be slow in coming through, but everything looks good. We should see her new tooth soon!!
Way to go Jordyn!!!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Tulip Time

I think we might have a future dutch dancer!