Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas 2009

I am really late with this post and I really have no excuse other than maybe laziness. Christmas this year was extra special to me for many reasons. First, after being gone for 2 weeks, Jer came back home from Alabama the week of Christmas. We really missed him and were so happy to have him back. He surprised us by coming home early. He just showed up at the front door!!
Second, this year was so much more laid back than usual for me. Our parties were spread out from December 20 - January 2 and for the first year ever, we did not have more than one party per day! I also didn't have a newborn this year and was actually getting a full nights sleep on a regular basis!! Also, mine and Jer's families were EXTRA helpful while Jer was gone and I was able to get my shopping done way earlier than usual!
We got our tree and lights up early this year because we wanted to do it while Jer was still home. We got our tree at Post Farms. We usually go to Tuesink's Farm and I really missed that this year. They give hot cider and donuts away and have a petting zoo and hayride. We will look forward to that next year!
Decorating the tree
Jer also managed to get appendicitus a week before he left for Alabama. Here he is posing with the fruit basket his mom and grandma made him!
Playing in the snow!

I had to join the kids when we visited Santa. Otherwise, they were not going to sit by him.

We made sugar cookies and decorated them with Jordyn this year. She had sooo much fun. I think we have started a tradition!