Tuesday, December 8, 2009



One year ago today, we were blessed with a new baby boy, Jace H. Velderman! He weighed 9lbs 8oz and was 21" long. I can't even begin to tell you how fast this year has gone by.

One of my favorite things about Jace is his killer smile. He will flash it to anyone!!

Jace is also famous for his big, sloppy, wet kisses. Watch out if he comes at you with his mouth wide open. He has been known to "attack with kisses" especially if you are a little cousin!

Jace also loves to dance by waving his arms and crouching his legs and bouncing. He loves to "go crazy". Tell him to "go crazy" and he will wave his arms and shake his head. He loves to play with Jordyn's kitchen set. He loves to climb the steps. If we leave the gate down, he notices immediately! He loves to chase our cat, Wylie, around the house. He also loves to make a lot of noise by banging his toys against anything he can think of (must be a boy thing).

Jace has been walking since 11 months old. He also recently learned how to clap, wave bye-bye, and do so big. Now that he knows these things, he LOVES to show them off!

Jace has also recently started to eat and swallow solid foods. We had concerns at 9 months since he would not keep food in his mouth, so this is a big step for him!

Jace has been such a blessing to us! We thank God every day for you little buddy!! Your smile lights up my world!

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