Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This was the 1st Halloween that Jordyn was old enough to really look forward to. She told me long in advance that she wanted to be a bunny. I was certain she would want to be a princess, but apparently since she is a princess every other day, she wanted to be something different for Halloween. We carved pumpkins the week before Halloween.
Jace did not enjoy pumpkin carving. He liked drawing on his pumpkin, but as soon as we cut the top off and showed him the "guts" inside, he was appalled! He didn't want anything to do with his pumpkin anymore. This was very surprising since he LOVES to be messy!
Even though Jace didn't help after the "guts", he was still quite proud of his finished pumpkin! Jordyn was obviously happy as well!

Jace was a frog this year. He hated putting his costume on, but once he calmed down, he would hop all over the place.

Jordyn LOVED being a bunny! She hopped everywhere she went. She got frustrated that her ears fell off sometimes. She made a pretty cute bunny!

The kids also attended their first ever Halloween party at the Woudwyk's. They got to decorate candy bags, play a lot of fun games, eat cupcakes, and play with other kids their age. They had the BEST time!!