Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jace - 9 months

Jace had his 9 month check up this morning. I can't my little boy is 9 months old already! His appointment went well. He weighs 20lbs 5oz (50%) and is 29 3/4" (75th%)....long & lean! I was concerned that he had an ear infection, but thankfully he does not. We figure it must be teeth. It seems as though he has been teething for 6 months now...still no teeth.
Another concern we talked about was his eating. He will not eat or even try to eat solids. He is making progress because he used to gag until he threw up and now he doesn't gag but just spits anything lumpy out. As of right now, we were told to just keep trying to give him solids. We were also told to work with him on consonant sounds such as "ma ma or da da". He doesn't do this yet which could have something to do with not using his tongue correctly. If we don't see progress on the solids and consonant sounds in one month we may possibly need to look into therapy. The doctor is not too concerned just yet but prayers that Jace may figure these two things out in the next month would be much appreciated.

Some other things about Jace at 9 months:
  • He is crawling everywhere (8mos) and now pulls himself to standing
  • He LOVES to flash big smiles to everyone
  • He will sometimes wave bye-bye
  • He loves to dance (wave his hands) and sing ("oooohhhhh ooohhhh") to music
  • His favorite toy right now is Jordyn's kitchen set. He loves opening and closing the oven door.
  • He loves to harass our cat Wylie and also splash in her water bowl
  • He loves to play in the water as long as it isn't a bath
  • He loves to give big, sloppy, wet kisses
  • He is very attached to mom or dad right now
  • He follows his big sister all over the house and really frustrates her when he tries to "help" her do puzzles.

We love you so much Jace. You bring so much joy to our lives. We thank God for you every day!

East Lake Camping

We had our last camping trip of the season last weekend. My whole family spent a long weekend at East Lake Campground in Hopkins. It was a beautiful weekend and we had a wonderful time!
Wagon Ride!! Jordyn won ice-cream after the ride!
Jordyn & Kendal playing on the beach
Cuddling with daddy....her favorite thing to do!

Swimming....Jace's favorite thing to do...with anybody!
Can't keep them clean while we are camping!

6 Year Anniversary

This post is quite late (I've been a blogging-slacker) but September 6 (Labor Day weekend) was Jer and my 6 year anniversary!! I can't believe it has been 6 years already. We kept it simple and celebrated our anniversary by going to Jer's parents cottage with the family. We spent most of the time enjoying the beautiful weather by the lake. Mom & dad did watch the kids for us though so that we could go out for our anniversary. We went golfing in the afternoon (sometime we both enjoy but don't have time to do much) and out to Clementine's in South Haven in the evening. Thanks mom & dad!!!
Here is a video of Jordyn driving a battery powered car that grandpa got for her. She figured out how to make it go but couldn't steer. She didn't want to quit driving but we were sick of helping out. Our solution...let her drive in circles. She went for about 15-20 minutes before we made her stop for dinner. Who knows how long she would have gone!!! Thanks grandpa!!!

Here is some video of Jace enjoying the water at the cottage. Even after a dunk under water, he still really LOVES to splash around!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jordyn 2 Year Pics!

Check out Jordyn's 2 year pics at
Once again Andrew & Tiffany (Marc Photography) did an excellent job. Jordyn is one of their most challenging models :-). She's always on the move, doesn't much care for the camera, and only smiles when she feels like it! We decided to try and chase her around outdoors instead of trying to get her to pose in the studio this time.
Thanks Andrew & Tiffany!!