Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jordyn's Stitches

Poor Jordyn ended up in Urgent Care last night at the hospital. She fell and cut her head above her eye open on our TV stand. I saw the whole thing happened but still am not quite sure why or how she fell. She ended up with 5 stitches.

It's hard to watch a little one when they are hurt. She had blood running everywhere, including into her eyes and she just didn't understand what was going on. She stopped crying once I was able to clean her eyes out and put pressure on the cut to stop the bleeding.

I really didn't think she would need stitches because the bleeding stopped quite quickly and turned to just a slow ooze. I debated not taking her in, but when Jer got home from work and looked at it, he decided she should go in. I am thankful he made that decision because she ended up needing 5 stithces and the Dr. told him without the stitches she would have ended up with quite a large scar. She shouldn't have a scar now.

I asked Jer to take her in because I couldn't bear to see her cry again. I also figured she would need someone calm and he would be much more calm than me.

Jordyn did an excellent job!! She just sat on daddy's lap while the nurses and Dr. checked her out. She let him numb the area. Then she laid on daddy on the hospital bed while the Dr. stitched her up. She never flinched or cried!! Thank goodness, because the doctor had warned Jer that if she were to get too restless they would have to put her under.

She was quite proud of herself and also quite excited about the hospital. She came home with some Dora stickers, some candy, and a big teddy bear with a band-aid on its eye as well. She also got a bowl of ice cream with daddy when they got home.

She bumped her finger this afternoon and after kisses to make it better she told me, "Me hurt me finger. Me need to go to the hospital to get it fixed."

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aquatic Center

Yesterday Jer and I took the kids to the Holland Aquatic Center to get them out of the house and to release some of their energy. I wasn't sure how they would do since they haven't been swimming since this summer. Jordyn ran right in without hesitation. She even ran under the fountains and didn't care if her head got wet at all! Jace was unsure at first and didn't want to let go of mom. After about ten minutes, he got brave. After that he went nuts!! I've never seen him so happy or excited! He couldn't stop squealing, laughing and splashing. He went under a few times and didn't care at all! Afterwards, we stopped by Grandma Dirette for lunch. The kids were wore out and I got a nice long afternoon to myself while they napped!