Friday, July 17, 2009

Jace - 6 months

Jace is actually now 7 months, but I thought I would give a quick update since he had a doctor's appointment today. At his 6 month appointment, he was 28 1/4" long (95th%) and 17 lbs 5oz (50th%). He had dropped in weight from the 90th% to the 50% although he hadn't actually lost weight. The doctor was not too concerned since he was developing and growing taller but decided to have him come in a month later (today) for a weight check and head check (his head was growing too fast). We found out today that he weighs 18 lbs 13 oz, still in the 50th% but growing, so no concerns. He will just be tall and skinny. His head growth slowed down, so no helmet...yea!! He is developing well and everything looks great! We are having so much fun with our little boy.

Jace's 6 month pictures are also ready to view. Please check them out at They are pictures 1 - 24. I need suggestions on favorites because I LOVE them all. Andrew and Tiffany at Marc Photography did a GREAT JOB as usual!!!

Thanks for the great pics guys!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


This weekend we enjoyed a wonderful, long weekend of camping. We stayed at Conestoga Campground in Eastmanville with my mom and dad, Bryan, Katy and Rogue.

It was special for Jace (not that he'll remember) because it was his first time camping!

We did a lot of relaxing, swimming, eating, playing, and sitting around the campfire. The guys also tried some bow fishing but didn't have much luck. I can't wait to camp again in a couple of weeks!!

Jordyn watching us instead of sleeping

Jace's sleeping arrangements for the weekend

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day to everyone and Happy Birthday to my dad!!
On Friday, Chad & Amber invited us to their house to grill and swim. We had a lot of fun. Jordyn and Elijah are such water rats. They have no fear! We ate good food, swam, had a campfire, and even did some very mild fireworks for the kids.

Grandpa & Grandma w/Rogue & Jace

Jordyn swam until her lips were purple! always!Jordyn & ElijahJordyn & Elijah popping Snap-It's
Our "big-time" fireworks display
Jordyn's reaction to the fireworks